This blog is a starting point for the project kachikachi.
Emerging from the atomic disaster in Fukushima and the global nuclear threat I made
a last minute entry at the ARS Electronica 2011 in the category digital communities.
The history goes back to ARS Electronica 1991 (out of control), ARS Electronica
2010 (repair – ready to pull the lifeline) directly to Fukujima and beyond.
The circumstance of sold out Geiger-Mueller counter tubes accompanied by
worldwide disinformation politics incited me to initiate this self-help project.
kachikachi is trying to develop a low cost international alternative radiation measurement and information network based on open data and free uncensored access.

After some research and a contact to a friend of mine (a real expert) we found a patent for
a quantum dosimeter technology.
Core of the patent is a semiconductor developed for the LHC project at CERN. Currently I am in contact with a university in Vienna (Entrepreneurship & Innovation) which is working on a proposal for IdeaGeneration 2011 looking for possible applications. Testdevices (looking like USB-sticks) at CERN are very promising and already proved that the very sensitive chip can be used for several applications.

Now I am looking for ideas and contributions in the digital community.

The blog will be linked crosswise (but not fully translated) to blogs in other languages.


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