• 2008 Patent of Quantum Dosimeter
  • … Testdevices in use at CERN
  • 2011 collecting possible applicationareas
  • 1. July 2011 Presentation of proposal at Entrepreneurs Clubbing 
  • Q4 2011 start of massproduction … ?


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What I need next

  • support spreading the idea (viral aspect)
  • many many contributions and ideas
  • find somebody creating a Website
  • find somebody creating a logo and a better picture for the banner of the blog
  • whatever comes up next …
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Possible Applications

  • In the meantime the University in Vienna has collected about 30 application ideas.
  • kachikachi wants to enable mobile measurement of radioactivity in combination with smartphones and geolocationg using the internet for modeling, visualization and presentation.
  • kachikachi wants to bring measurements on food (currently possible only with very expensive equipment in labours) to the public.
  • kachikachi wants to bring the technology (Chip with USB Interface)
    to hackerspaces and the DIY community like Arduino
  • I am not the only one having ideas, so anybody is invited finding other ideas for possible applications
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The Idea

The patent of a Quantum Dosimeter developed by a group of scientists at CERN opens up a broad field of potential applications.
Patentinfo is available Online

A group of students of the Vienna University of Economics and Business currently is working on a project together with CERN. In the course “Idea Generation”, they are trying to identify application fields for the quantum dosimeter.


My goal is it to bring this technology to the public and create a cheap alternative to geiger-mueller counters.

The design of kachikachi is inspired by the successful Tsunami Harddisk Detector
(the worlds first freely available P2P warning system)

All developments should mainly be based on knowledge and spirit of open source, open data and open science.

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